FAKE LIKE ME by Barbara Bourland - CrimeReads "June's Best New Crime Novels and Thrillers"

CrimeReads | June 4, 2019

“At the start of every month, CrimeReads staff members look over all the great crime novels and mysteries coming out in the weeks ahead and make recommendations based on what they’re reading and what they can’t wait to read. Check back over the course of the month for more suggestions for feeding your crime habit.”

Fake Like Me by Barbara Bourland is featured in this round-up! CrimeReads says this title “promises to be the art mystery of the season.” Follow the link above to read the full article.

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FAKE LIKE ME by Barbara Bourland - Library Journal Starred Review

Library Journal | June 2, 2019

“In 1996, the nameless first-person narrator—then a 19-year-old sophomore art student—has a memorable encounter with Pine City, the collective of five beautiful young artists in New York City. Carey Logan, the most famous of the group for her sculptures made of casts of body parts, speaks to the narrator while casting her hand and becomes her artistic lodestar. Years later, Logan has given up sculpture for performance art; her final piece is filming her suicide. The narrator, having achieved some success with her abstract billboard-sized paintings, is mere months from an exhibit in Paris when her loft burns down, taking with it six of her seven exhibition works. Frantic to find space for reconstructing two years of art in three months, she wangles her way into Pine City’s upstate New York retreat, landing in Logan’s former studio and in the heart of Tyler Savage, ­Logan’s former boyfriend, as she seeks ­Carey’s real story.

VERDICT The creative process confronts reality in this compelling literary thriller centering on art, identity, and deception, as told in Bourland’s (I’ll Eat When I’m Dead) sharp prose. A must for those with an artistic bent, a sheer reading pleasure for all.”

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KEEPING LUCY by T. Greenwood - Booklist Review


“Ginny Richardson’s life seems complete: she’s married to a successful lawyer, lives in a beautiful home, and has a young son and another baby on the way, but she can’t shake feelings of regret. Ginny wakes up after labor to news that baby Lucy was born with Down syndrome and immediately sent to a school for the ‘feeble minded.’ Her husband decides they will keep this a secret and only a few will know Lucy is alive. Two years later, Ginny hears that Lucy’s school is under investigation for its horrendous conditions, and resolves, with her best friend and six-year-old son in tow, to find and keep Lucy, spurring a dramatic road trip to safety. As each mile passes, Ginny discovers the depths of her strength and ultimately takes back control of her life. Greenwood’s (Rust & Stardust, 2018) heart-wrenching, emotional roller coaster of a read also seamlessly captures the transformation of women’s roles in the early 1970s. A heartfelt tale of true friendship, a mother’s unstoppable love, and the immeasurable fortitude of women.”

Keeping Lucy by T. Greenwood received a lovely review in Booklist! Follow the link above for more.

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FAKE LIKE ME by Barbara Bourland - Refinery29 "The Best Books Of June 2019 Make For Great Beach Reads"

Refinery29 | May 31, 2019

“Summer is the best season for a book-lover. Suddenly, reading is a cool activity. Everyone's browsing for ‘beach reads’ and ‘vacation reads’ and ‘sit in the sun and pretend you're on vacation’ reads. If anything, the problem is an abundance of choice. There's just too much goodness.

We're here to make your choice easier. In addition to creating a specific list just for beach reads, we've rounded up some amazing new releases just from June 2019.

Behold, the books of June we're recommending to everyone. Expect epic novels like The Travelers by Regina Porter, which follows the complexities of sprawling families; complicated thrillers, like Searching for Sylvie Lee by Jean Kwok; and absolute blockbusters, like Taffy Brodesser-Akner's Fleishman Is In Trouble.”

Fake Like Me by Barbara Bourland is on this list! Click the link above for more details.

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FAKE LIKE ME by Barbara Bourland - Hello Giggles "The 10 best new books to read in June, because summer reading is upon us"

Hello Giggles | May 31, 2019

“Summer is almost here, and it’s time to dive into our favorite summertime activity: reading for pure enjoyment. There’s nothing better than lying on the beach or lounging by the pool with a brand-new book and nowhere to be. If you don’t know where to start, we have some suggestions that are all beach bag-approved. Here are the 10 best new books to read in June.”

Fake Like Me by Barbara Bourland was selected as a book to read this June! Follow the link above for more details.

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Denene Millner - Atlanta Magazine "Women Making a Mark: Denene Millner"

Atlanta Magazine | May 28, 2019

“Throughout her career, Denene Millner has focused on building platforms that highlight the experiences of African American people. The journalist and mother of two decided to start a parenting website, MyBrownBaby, in 2008 after noticing that black moms were rarely considered as an audience—except during discussions of teen pregnancy or the school-to-prison pipeline. Her voice resonated. So far, the award-winning blog has posted more than 2,000 times on everything from black hair to discrimination in the workplace. Millner, 50, is also the best-selling author of more than two dozen books and started a successful children’s imprint, which includes titles about colorism and black diversity.”

Follow the link above to read more about the fabulous Denene Millner!

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FAKE LIKE ME by Barbara Bourland - Fortune "7 Novels to Read on Your Summer Travels"

Fortune | May 26, 2019

“Whether it’s hours spent waiting in an airport terminal due to an unexpected (but really, expected) delay or hours under the sun (with sunscreen) on the beach, a good book is a welcome companion. And a page-turner at that is necessary to keep you entertained and pass the time enjoyably.

Thus, here’s a list of fictional works you should consider for packing away while traveling for business or pleasure this summer, both fun and thought-provoking with themes spanning from the contemporary art world to artificial intelligence. Happy reading and safe travels.”

Fake Like Me by Barbara Bourland was selected by Fortune as a novel to read on your summer travels! Follow the link above to read more.

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THE LAST WIDOW by Karin Slaughter & FAKE LIKE ME by Barbara Bourland - CrimeReads "The Most Anticipated Crime Books of Summer"

CrimeReads | May 16, 2019

“Summer is the season for crime fiction. The days are long, the nights are hot, your blood is up and maybe, just maybe you’re going to get a little time to yourself on that much deserved vacation. Whether you go in for spine-chilling suspense, moody noirs, classic whodunits, splashy thrillers, or any other type of crime, chances are there’s a book for you coming out these next few months. The only question is how many novels are you going to devour this season? To help you prepare for the coming months’ bounty, we’re breaking down all the best and most anticipated crime fiction, mysteries, and thrillers coming out in late May, June, July, and August.”

The Last Widow by Karin Slaughter and Fake Like Me by Barbara Bourland were both selected! Follow the link above to see the full list.

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KEEPING LUCY by T. Greenwood - Popsugar "These Are the 39 Must-Read Books of 2019"

Popsugar | May 3, 2019

“There's no better time to be a bookworm than 2019. The number of must-read books that have hit shelves already is impressive, and there are still so many highly anticipated titles on the horizon. From Margaret Atwood's long-awaited follow-up to The Handmaid's Tale to Jasmine Guillory's third swoonworthy rom-com, the best is still to come this year. That makes figuring out which books should be at the top of your to-be-read pile no easy task - that's where this list comes in. When it comes time to drop a book (or four) in your beach tote this Summer, these are the 2019 titles to reach for first.”

Keeping Lucy by T. Greenwood was selected as a must-read book of 2019! Follow the link above to read more.

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THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU by Liv Constantine - The Big Thrill “Between the Lines: Liv Constantine”

The Big Thrill | April 30, 2019

“Considering that few readers had heard of Liv Constantine before the stunning success of 2017’s The Last Mrs. Parrish, you’d be forgiven for calling the writing duo an overnight success. But you’d also be in for a gentle correction. Though Mrs. Parrish was their first thriller, sisters Lynne and Valerie Constantine have been publishing together (and fighting their way through the query trenches) since their women’s fiction debut, Circle Dance, hit shelves in 2004—a cool 13 years before Mrs. Parrish turned them into book-world celebrities.

So if success came overnight, no one told Lynne and Valerie. They continued to write books, both together and separately, as they honed their craft and learned the business of publishing. Lynne finished a solo effort, The Veritas Deception, and completed another manuscript with Valerie (Black-Eyed Susans) before the sisters began work on the collaboration that would launch them into the stratosphere. They attended conferences such as ThrillerFest, where they met agents and found like-minded writers to cheer them on, collected the requisite rejection letters, and, above all, kept writing until they finally signed with their dream agent, who sold Mrs. Parrish to Harper just six days after submission.”

Follow the link above to read the full article and interview!

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WE LOVE ANDERSON COOPER by R.L. Maizes - Kirkus Starred Review

Kirkus | April 28, 2019

“Some books of short stories feel like subtle variations on a theme—practically the same tale over and over again. Not this one. The 11 entries in Maizes’ collection are deliciously diverse. […] Certainly there are a few recurring elements in these stories: Jewish characters, beloved pets, people who love obsessively and/or unrequitedly, and tragic deaths, to name a few. Yet each succinct fictional nugget rolls inexorably along its own quirky trajectory, arrives at its own unexpected destination, and never overstays its welcome. Titular shoutout to a CNN talking head notwithstanding, this is a book about the heart.

Breaking news: Maizes’ gently witty and vaguely weird collection is well worth reading.”

Follow the link above to read the full review!

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THE LAST MRS. PARRISH by Liv Constantine - Refinery29 "Your Next TV Obsession Is A Simple Favor Meets Gone Girl"

Refinery29 | April 16, 2019

“If you loved the twists of A Simple Favor and the cat-and-mouse drama of Gone Girl, then you should be giddy over the latest domestic thriller in development. According to Deadline, Liv Constantine's The Last Mrs. Parrish is being developed as a TV series for Amazon, and should it go to series, fans are in for one hell of a ride.

The Last Mrs. Parrish hit shelves in 2017, and was quickly picked up by Reese Witherspoon's Hello Sunshine book club. The novel follows a young woman determined to infiltrate the world of a high-society wife — all so she can steal her husband and her well-to-do lifestyle. However, things are not exactly as they seem in this posh family — and Mrs. Parrish may not be so hapless a woman.”

Click the link above to go to the full article!

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THE LAST MRS. PARRISH by Liv Constantine - Deadline "Drama Series Based On Novel In Works At Amazon With Cathy Schulman & Jeff Gaspin Producing"

Deadline | April 16, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Amazon is developing a drama series based on The Last Mrs. Parrish, Liv Constantine’s bestselling debut novel, with Cathy Schulman’s Welle Entertainment and Jeff Gaspin’s Gaspin Media producing. Jessica Mecklenburg (The Twilight Zone, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, Stranger Things) will pen the adaptation and executive produce.”

Follow the link above to read the entire article on Deadline!

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The Hollywood Report - "Karin Slaughter Talks Netflix ‘Pieces of Her’ Adaptation, Tackling #MeToo in Writing"

The Hollywood Report | April 13, 2019

“While participating in a panel discussion during the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Saturday, the author revealed her excitement for the adaptation of her thriller and why it was important to tackle #MeToo in the story.

After it was announced in February that Netflix ordered to series Pieces of Her, a new eight-episode thriller based on crime author Karin Slaughter's novel of the same name, the author revealed her excitement for the series during the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Saturday afternoon.”

Follow the link above to read the full article!

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THE LAST WIDOW by Karin Slaughter - Bustle "Karin Slaughter's New Book 'The Last Widow' Is A Summer Thriller You Won't Be Able To Put Down"

Bustle | April 10, 2019

“If you're a Will Trent or Sara Linton fan, you're in luck this summer: Karin Slaughter's beloved hero and heroine are back in her latest thriller, The Last Widow, out on Aug. 20, 2019. You may have to wait until August to get your hands on the book, but Bustle has an exclusive look at the cover and a chapter below, so you can start reading right now.

The story begins on a hot summer night, when a scientist from the Centers for Disease Control is kidnapped by unknown assailants in a parking lot. Authorities are desperate to find them, but the doctor appears to have vanished. One month later, on a peaceful Sunday afternoon, a bomb goes off in the Atlanta neighborhood that houses Emory University, two hospitals, the FBI headquarters, and the CDC. Will, an investigator with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and Sara, a medical examiner rush to the scene — and straight into a dangerous conspiracy. When Sara is kidnapped, the stakes are raised, and Will must go undercover to save her and prevent the deaths of thousands of people.”

Follow the link above to read the entire sneak peek!

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FAKE LIKE ME by Barbara Bourland - Starred Review from Kirkus

Kirkus | April 9, 2019

“Bourland’s (I’ll Eat When I’m Dead, 2017) painstaking research on the practical and emotional aspects of making art is on vivid display. Readers eager for a glimpse into the New York art scene will be enthralled, but despite the glitz and glamour, it’s frequently a dehumanizing place to be, especially for women. After all, as the gallerist says: ‘Female painters are the bargain of the century.’

A haunting, dizzying meditation on identity and the blurred lines between life and art.”

Follow the link above to read the full review!

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