WE LOVE ANDERSON COOPER by R.L. Maizes - Kirkus Starred Review

Kirkus | April 28, 2019

“Some books of short stories feel like subtle variations on a theme—practically the same tale over and over again. Not this one. The 11 entries in Maizes’ collection are deliciously diverse. […] Certainly there are a few recurring elements in these stories: Jewish characters, beloved pets, people who love obsessively and/or unrequitedly, and tragic deaths, to name a few. Yet each succinct fictional nugget rolls inexorably along its own quirky trajectory, arrives at its own unexpected destination, and never overstays its welcome. Titular shoutout to a CNN talking head notwithstanding, this is a book about the heart.

Breaking news: Maizes’ gently witty and vaguely weird collection is well worth reading.”

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Jessica Spivey