Authors who wish to contact us regarding potential representation should send a query letter with the first three chapters (or about 25 pages) pasted into the body of the message to

We will only accept queries via email. Query letters should describe the project and the author in the body of a single, one-page email that does not contain any attached files. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please paste the first three chapters of your manuscript (or about 25 pages, and feel free to round up to a chapter break) into the body of your email.

We generally respond to queries in one to four weeks, although occasionally it will take longer. We will not respond to emails with attachments or attached files.




The best query letters are well written sales tools.

Start with a terrific opening sentence that encapsulates the crux of the story. Remember that you’re selling here so make it one sentence that if I repeated to you on the street, you would rush out and buy the book.

Then segue into a one or two paragraph, concise, fascinating, unputdownable description, with a sprinkling of terrific plot points to pull me in.

Lastly, give me a short but thorough paragraph on you and your accomplishments, preferably in the publishing arena, but if not, then neat tidbits about you that make you more interesting than most.