KEEPING LUCY by T. Greenwood - Booklist Review


“Ginny Richardson’s life seems complete: she’s married to a successful lawyer, lives in a beautiful home, and has a young son and another baby on the way, but she can’t shake feelings of regret. Ginny wakes up after labor to news that baby Lucy was born with Down syndrome and immediately sent to a school for the ‘feeble minded.’ Her husband decides they will keep this a secret and only a few will know Lucy is alive. Two years later, Ginny hears that Lucy’s school is under investigation for its horrendous conditions, and resolves, with her best friend and six-year-old son in tow, to find and keep Lucy, spurring a dramatic road trip to safety. As each mile passes, Ginny discovers the depths of her strength and ultimately takes back control of her life. Greenwood’s (Rust & Stardust, 2018) heart-wrenching, emotional roller coaster of a read also seamlessly captures the transformation of women’s roles in the early 1970s. A heartfelt tale of true friendship, a mother’s unstoppable love, and the immeasurable fortitude of women.”

Keeping Lucy by T. Greenwood received a lovely review in Booklist! Follow the link above for more.

Jessica Spivey