THE PRISONER'S WIFE by asha bandele - National Book Foundation - "Literature for Justice"


“The Literature for Justice Committee is honored to select five books that explore the criminal justice system and aim to help advance public understanding of mass incarceration in the United States. In the second year of this initiative, the selection committee deemed it crucial to focus on those often neglected in public conversations on mass incarceration: women and families. The list centers first-person narratives from formerly incarcerated authors, partners of those behind bars, and leaders of prison reform and abolishment movements since the 1980s. Similarly to the inaugural year, the committee hoped to provide multiple access points, including research-based nonfiction, memoir, and fiction.”

The Prisoner’s Wife by asha bandele has been named by the National Book Foundation as one of five titles to be featured on their 2019 - 2020 reading list for their immensely important Literature for Justice (LFJ) campaign. The LFJ committee chooses books that “contextualize and humanize experiences of incarcerated people in the United States.” Follow the link above to view the entire reading list!

Jessica Spivey