FAITH ERIN HICKS is an award-winning graphic novelist whose work has received numerous starred reviews in PW, Kirkus, Library Journal, and Booklist. She has four solo graphic novels to her credit, including the Eisner award winning, Adventures of Superhero Girl, and the New York Times rave reviewed, Friends with Boys. She has been the illustrator for seven additional graphic novels, including the video game tie-in, The Last of Us. Hicks has been reviewed by BoingBoing, the LA Times, and NY Times, among others. Two of her titles were 2014 YALSA Top Ten Graphic Novels for Teen picks. Hicks currently has a graphic novel trilogy in progress with Macmillan’s First Second books, and was hand-picked by Rainbow Rowell to illustrate her forthcoming graphic novel with the same, which was covered by Entertainment Weekly here.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with Faith Erin Hicks about continuing The Nameless City trilogy on screen and on the page. Read the full article here.



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First Second - August 27, 2019

Deja and Josiah are seasonal best friends.

Every autumn, all through high school, they’ve worked together at the best pumpkin patch in the whole wide world. (Not many people know that the best pumpkin patch in the whole wide world is in Omaha, Nebraska, but it definitely is.) They say good-bye every Halloween, and they’re reunited every September 1.
But this Halloween is different—Josiah and Deja are finally seniors, and this is their last season at the pumpkin patch. Their last shift together. Their last good-bye.

Josiah’s ready to spend the whole night feeling melancholy about it. Deja isn’t ready to let him. She’s got a plan: What if—instead of moping and the usual slinging lima beans down at the Succotash Hut—they went out with a bang? They could see all the sights! Taste all the snacks! And Josiah could finally talk to that cute girl he’s been mooning over for three years…

What if their last shift was an adventure?

Beloved writer Rainbow Rowell and Eisner Award–winning artist Faith Erin Hicks have teamed up to create this tender and hilarious story about two irresistible teens discovering what it means to leave behind a place—and a person—with no regrets.


An Amazon Editors’ Pick for August 2019 Best Young Adult Books

“Visually bright and appealing in autumnal reds, oranges, and yellows, the art enhances this endearing picture of teenage love…A heartwarming, funny story filled with richness and complexity.”Kirkus, starred review

Pumpkinheads perfectly captures that feeling of the last night that’s the start of the rest of your life.”―Mariko Tamaki, Printz Honor-winning co-creator of This One Summer and Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me

“Fun, funny, and wise.”―Gene Luen Yang, Printz and Eisner Award-winning author of American Born Chinese

“A fall-tastic good time, brought to you from the best of the YA and graphic literature worlds.”Bustle

“Dreamy.”Entertainment Weekly

“There’s something for everyone in this joyful, tender book. Fans of Rowell and Hicks will gobble up this graphic novel like it’s Frito pie, and after just one nibble, newcomers will do the same.”School Library Journal, starred review

"Art by Hicks (Comics Will Break Your Heart) turns the sweetly witty dialogue by Rowell (Carry On) into a miniature autumn universe; precise, affectionate details…will coax readers to revel in the cozy atmosphere.”Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Expect this tender, sweet romance to be popular with a wide range of readers―and let’s hope this isn’t the last graphic novel collaboration between Rowell and Hicks."The Horn Book, starred review


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Roaring Brook Press - February 12, 2019

A sweet, funny contemporary teen romance for the inner geek in all of us from graphic novelist Faith Erin Hicks.

Miriam's family should be rich. After all, her grandfather was the co-creator of smash-hit comics series The TomorrowMen. But he sold his rights to the series to his co-creator in the 1960s for practically nothing, and now that's what Miriam has: practically nothing. And practically nothing to look forward to either-how can she afford college when her family can barely keep a roof above their heads? As if she didn't have enough to worry about, Miriam's life gets much more complicated when a cute boy shows up in town…and turns out to be the grandson of the man who defrauded Miriam's grandfather, and heir to the TomorrowMen fortune.

In her endearing debut novel, cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks pens a sensitive and funny Romeo and Juliet tale about modern romance, geek royalty, and what it takes to heal the long-festering scars of the past (Spoiler Alert: love).


“Warm and winning. A coming of age romance for our superhero-loving times.”―Rainbow Rowell, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Fangirl

“A charming summer romance that explores the messiness of relationships―among family, friends, crushes, and enemies―and the potential we all have to do better than our pasts.”―Leila Sales, author of This Song Will Save Your Life

Comics Will Break Your Heart crackles with the energy and potential of comics themselves. And like all the best comics, it transports you to a strange new world (in this case, Eastern Canada) that you won't want to leave.”―Ryan North, New York Times bestselling and Eisner Award–winning author of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Dinosaur Comics

"The sweet though somewhat standard romance plot is elevated by thoughtful characterizations, and the plentiful references to comics and conventions will delight fans new and old."Booklist

"This modern-day tale of fortune-crossed lovers features a relatable hero and heroine and a happier ending than Shakespeare’s tragedy."Publishers Weekly

“For fans of realistic fiction, family problems, all-too-human characters, and star-crossed love stories. A must-have.”School Library Journal, starred review


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the divided earth

First Second - September 25, 2018

The Nameless City―held by the rogue Dao prince Erzi―is under siege by a coalition of Dao and Yisun forces who are determined to end the war for the Nameless City once and for all. And the people of the city―the "Named"―are caught in between.

Meanwhile, Rat and Kai must infiltrate Erzi's palace and steal back the ancient and deadly formula for napatha, the ancient weapon of mass destruction Erzi has unearthed―before he can use it to destroy everything Rat and Kai hold dear!

In her third and final installment in the Nameless City trilogy, Faith Erin Hicks delivers a heart-thumping conclusion. With deft world-building, frantic battle scenes, and a gentle and moving friendship at its heart, the Nameless City has earned its place as one of the great fantasy series of our time.

praise for the divided earth

Winner of the 2019 Eisner Award for Best Publication for Kids

"The Divided Earth is an engrossing, briskly paced adventure in the tradition of a good-versus-evil quest...with a cast of likeable characters, a universal theme, and compelling artwork, the graphic novel will leave readers rooting for the heroes while sympathizing with villains....Fans of the series will clamor for Hicks’s next work."Voya, starred review

“Poking the reader to reimagine their preexisting ideas is one area in which Hicks excels. The other, as you’ll see even flipping through the pages, is action. There wasn’t so much of that in Hicks’ earlier Friends with Boys or Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, but there’s tons of running, jumping, climbing and diving here, all rendered with superlative energy and clarity.”Paste Magazine



The Nameless City (Volume 2)

First Second – April 4, 2017

Kaidu and Rat have only just recovered from the assassination attempt on the General of All Blades when more chaos breaks loose in the Nameless City: deep conflicts within the Dao nation are making it impossible to find a political solution for the disputed territory of the City itself.

To complicate things further, Kaidu is fairly certain he’s stumbled on a formula for the lost weapon of the mysterious founders of the City… But sharing it with the Dao military would be a complete betrayal of his friendship with Rat. Can Kai find the right solution before the Dao find themselves at war?


“Flourishing from the strong worldbuilding and characterization of the first installment, this middle volume of Hicks’ epic introduces a few new characters but mostly provides a vital and enthralling closer look at those readers have already met as well as unfurling more of the Chinese-inspired city’s past, as colorist Bellaire brings all to stunning emotional life. For all readers fond of the edges of their seats—a penultimate triumph.“—Kirkus, starred review

“A visual stunner… Hicks’s flair for tangible fantasy makes this a standout.“—The Washington Post





First Second – April 5, 2016

Every nation that invades the City gives it a new name. But before long, new invaders arrive and the City changes hands once again. The natives don’t let themselves get caught up in the unending wars. To them, their home is the Nameless City, and those who try to name it are forever outsiders.

Kaidu is one such outsider. He’s a Dao born and bred—a member of the latest occupying nation. Rat is a native of the Nameless City. At first, she hates Kai for everything he stands for, but his love of his new home may be the one thing that can bring these two unlikely friends together. Let’s hope so, because the fate of the Nameless City rests in their hands.


“Faith Erin Hicks breathes life into her characters with gale-force winds. The Nameless City makes you feel everything its heroes are experiencing inside and out, from adolescent angst to the scrape of terra cotta tiles under a leaping boot.“―Bryan Konietzko, co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender

“Faith Erin Hicks is one of the best creators working in graphic novels today and is a fantastic introduction to an exciting new series. Looking forward to reading more!“―Kazu Kibuishi, author of the Amulet series

“This tale of unexpected alliances has everything: winning characters, a sumptuous setting, and sharp observations about power and history. Hidden depths abound in The Nameless City.“―Scott Westerfeld, author of Uglies and Zeroes

“The beauty and construction of The Nameless City will leave you breathless. Faith has created a world so detailed and believable, it makes me want to explore the back alleys to see what is there.“―Jeff Smith, author of the Bone series

“Hicks’s sequential artwork is polished, and though males hold nearly all the political power, the female characters are mighty warriors the men respect (and sometimes fear).“―Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Offer this winning graphic novel to fans of Fullmetal Alchemist and Avatar: The Last Airbender, who will appreciate its mix of fun and adventure and its exploration of questions of identity, belonging, and history. A superb beginning.“―Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“With comprehensive worldbuilding, well-rounded characters, and entertaining action, this expertly executed story will find a home with a wide variety of readers, all of whom will be eagerly awaiting the next installment.“―Booklist, starred review



American Dreams

Dark Horse Books – October 29, 2013

Nineteen years ago, a parasitic fungal outbreak killed the majority of the world’s population, forcing survivors into a handful of quarantine zones. Thirteen-year-old Ellie has grown up in this violent, postpandemic world, and her disrespect for the military authority running her boarding school earns her new enemies, a new friend in fellow rebel Riley, and her first trip into the outside world.

The official lead-in to the game from Faith Erin Hicks (The Adventures of Superhero Girl) and Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann!




First Second – May 7, 2013

You wouldn’t expect Nate and Charlie to be friends. Charlie’s the laid-back captain of the basketball team, and Nate is the neurotic, scheming president of the robotics club. But they are friends, however unlikely—until Nate declares war on the cheerleaders. At stake is funding that will either cover a robotics competition or new cheerleading uniforms—but not both.

It’s only going to get worse: after both parties are stripped of their funding on grounds of abominable misbehavior, Nate enrolls the club’s robot in a battlebot competition in a desperate bid for prize money. Bad sportsmanship? Sure. Chainsaws? Why not. Running away from home on Thanksgiving to illicitly enter a televised robot death match? Of course!

In Faith Erin Hicks’ and Prudence Shen’s world of high school class warfare and robot death matches, Nothing can possibly go wrong.


SLJ Best Comic of the Year
Multiversity Best Graphic Novel of the Year

“Tweens, teens, and all robot fans should enjoy this good-humored play on the ongoing battle between jocks and geek”—SLJ (Starred Review)

“Heartfelt youthfulness.”—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“This story has everything: basketball, dastardly cheerleaders, a robot rumble, conniving geeks, a house party, family drama, student body council elections, and a tiny sliver of romance.“—Booklist (Starred Review)

“Woven into all this is a series of relationship stories that are well-told, and provide richness and texture and depth to the story, reaffirming Hicks’s position as an awesomesauce dispenser of great skill and reliability.”—BoingBoing




Dark Horse Books – February 26, 2013

What if you can leap tall buildings and defeat alien monsters with your bare hands, but you buy your capes at secondhand stores and have a weakness for kittens? Cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks brings charming humor to the trials and tribulations of a young, female superhero, battling monsters both supernatural and mundane in an all-too-ordinary world.

A lighthearted twist on the superhero genre!



Eisner Award Winner—Best Publication for Kids 8-12
Eisner Nominated—Best Humor Publication

“Her work has charm, energy, emotion, and a wonderful sense of humanity.”—Kurt Busiek, co-author of the Avengers series

“One of the most in-demand cartoonists in the business.”—LA Times





First Second – February 28, 2012

A coming-of-age tale with a spooky twist!

Maggie McKay hardly knows what to do with herself. After an idyllic childhood of homeschooling with her mother and rough-housing with her older brothers, it’s time for Maggie to face the outside world, all on her own. But that means facing high school first. And it also means solving the mystery of the melancholy ghost who has silently followed Maggie throughout her entire life. Maybe it even means making a new friend—one who isn’t one of her brothers.

Funny, surprising, and tender, Friends with Boys is a pitch perfect YA graphic novel full of spooky supernatural fun.


YALSA Great Graphic Novel

“Beautiful art, charming characters with spot-on expressions and fantastic posing, intriguing story. Great stuff all around, I sincerely couldn’t put it down.”—Bryan Konietzko, co-creator of the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

“I’d love to see the cartoonist explore this world again.”—New York Times

“A charming story of growing up and letting go of the past while still acknowledging the inevitable pain that comes with it.”—Booklist

“Hilarious. . . . an upbeat, uncommonly engaging tale rich in humor, suspense and smart, complex characters.”—Kirkus, starred review

“I love graphic novels like this.”—Madison Public Library Review

“Wonderfully talented.”—Comic Book Daily Review




First Second – August 3, 2010

Neither artistic, dreamy Jenna nor surly, delinquent Lucas expected to find themselves at an invitation-only summer camp that turns problem children into prodigies. And yet, here they both are at Camp Fielding, settling in with all the other losers and misfits who’ve been shipped off by their parents in a last-ditch effort to produce a child worth bragging about.

But strange disappearances, spooky lights in the woods, and a chilling alteration that turns the dimmest, rowdiest campers into docile zombie Einsteins have Jenna and Lucas feeling more than a little suspicious . . . and a lot afraid.

Praise for BRAIN CAMP

YALSA 2011 Top Ten Great Graphic Novel for Teens

From its shock opening right out of a horror movie, this graphic novel sets the scene for an old-fashioned scare story. Kim and Klavan, who balanced adventure and kid’s social issues so well in City of Spies (2010), do the same in another well-rounded adventure here, as the far-out (and kind of gross) climax mixes with genuine insight into dealing with parents, fitting into a new crowd, and handling the pressures of performance. Hicks’ line work is cool enough to assuage older readers who might be suspicious of the summer-camp setting.“—Booklist

“Kim and Klavan offer a sly social commentary with a fizzy dash of stomach-lurching horror. Hicks’s chunky art goes to town with the revolting possibilities. Smart, disgusting fun.“—Kirkus

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