CANTORAS by Carolina De Robertis - Buzzfeed "Nine New Books By Latinx Writers You've Got To Read"


“It’s 1977 in Uruguay, and the country is under a military dictatorship. Groups of five or more people can’t gather in private spaces without a permit; while homosexuality isn’t outlawed outright, it doesn’t need to be — being openly gay is an automatic prison sentence. Under these dire straits, five women — ringleader Flaca, activist Romina, housewife Anita, the mysterious Malena, and the teenage Paz — go on an excursion to an isolated beach where they can just be themselves — ‘cantoras,’ or women who sing, a code name for lesbians. Over the course of 35 years, De Robertis charts the fortunes of these women as they fall in and out of love and navigate the country’s tumultuous politics.”

Cantoras by Carolina De Robertis was included in Buzzfeed’s roundup of must-read books written by Latinx authors. Follow the link above to view the entire list!

Jessica Spivey