Carolina De Robertis, author of CANTORAS, in Read it Forward - "Why We Need Novels to Bring History to Life"


“As a novelist, I’ve always been inspired by true histories, and by fiction’s ability to breathe life into them, make them vivid, make them sing. We need nonfiction, of course, in all its glorious forms: memoir, journalism, scholarly tomes, essays, histories, cold hard facts. Good lord, yes: facts. More facts! All hail real facts! And yet, novels can not only reveal the truths of history but transport us into them, and into the consciousness of human beings in other places and times. As a reader, I’ve experienced this hundreds of times, and it’s helped shape who I am. As a writer, it’s my job to try my darnedest to offer readers the same.”

Carolina De Robertis, author of Cantoras, shares with Read it Forward what inspired her to write Cantoras and the history behind the five women the novel explores.

Jessica Spivey