Barbara Bourland, author of FAKE LIKE ME, shares her 10 Essential Books about Artists on Publishers Weekly


“Barbara Bourland’s second novel, Fake Like Me, is an exquisitely crafted literary work that reads, irresistibly, like a thriller. Set in the New York art scene of the 1990s, the novel is narrated by an ambitious young painter whose idol, a wild, rebellious female sculptor and performance artist named Carey Logan, died by suicide under mysterious circumstances. When the painter’s studio goes up in flames, she has to salvage her work, and her career, at all costs—and finds herself slowly, insidiously, taking over both the studio and the life that Carey left behind. Bourland picks 10 essential books about artists.”

Fake Like Me author Barbara Bourland shares her top picks of books about artists on Publishers Weekly. Follow the link above to read her picks!

Jessica Spivey