COMICS WILL BREAK YOUR HEART by Faith Erin Hicks - School Library Journal Starred Review

School Library Journal | March 27, 2019

“When Miriam meets Weldon in the bookstore where she works, it seems like the beginning of a relationship that was meant to happen. They are smart, have similar senses of humor, and are both fans of the TomorrowMen comics. But their grandfathers cocreated the TomorrowMen, and after they split apart, their families spent decades resenting each other. Now Weldon is the heir to a fortune, while Miriam's family is just scraping by. Miriam thinks that a romance between them is impossible, but little by little Weldon starts wearing down her resistance. Over the course of the narrative, she reexamines her feelings about her friends, her family, Weldon, and herself in order to find closure with the past and embrace happiness. Readers will enjoy watching this flawed and conflicted character evolve, and they will be glad that she has a support system around her to help her deal with her grief and anger. This is Hicks's first prose novel, but like her previous graphic novels, it tells a tale that is filled with humor and heart.

VERDICT For fans of realistic fiction, family problems, all-too-human characters, and star-crossed love stories. A must-have.

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Jessica Spivey