ZORA AND ME: THE CURSED GROUND by T.R. Simon - Toronto Star Review

Toronto Star | February 8, 2019

“Here’s a wise, poetic and galvanizing combination: historical fiction, mystery, and themes so current it’s heartbreaking. It’s 1903, and Carrie and her best friend, Zora, are growing up in Eatonville, Fla. — America’s first incorporated Black township. Not until they find a neighbour stabbed and bleeding do they begin to learn of their own town’s painful past as the site of a slave plantation. As the mystery deepens, so too does the threat to Eatonville, posed by the plantation’s former owner. Simon imagines the writer Zora Neale Hurston as a sleuth of a child in this fictional mystery, highlighting Hurston’s capacious imagination and curiosity. Even more probingly, she invites her readers to think hard about the unfinished business of American slavery and today’s racism. A thoroughly gripping story and a lively portrait of friendship.”

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Jessica Spivey