SKYJACK by KJ Howe - The Real Book Spy "The Top 15 Most Lethal Ladies in the Thriller Genre Right Now"

The Real Book Spy | February 4, 2019

“You can’t spell Ladies without dies

For five years, we’ve been ranking the genre’s top ten alpha males every December. Now, we’re introducing a new yearly list . . . built entirely around female characters. 

By far, this list is the most requested article we’ve received from readers over the years, and we’re excited to finally unveil our first ever Top 15 list of the most lethal ladies in the thriller genre, featuring some of the very best characters currently in print today. 

Compiling these 15 names wasn’t easy. For help, we reached out to a number of readers (most of them women) and several other critics, along with two female thriller authors who didn’t have new books out in 2018. Like our other list, this one is designed to only rank characters according to what they did in their latest book–and to qualify, they had to appear in a 2018 title. While that did eliminate a number of really great characters who weren’t featured in ’18, it also opens the door for us to revamp the list each January according to what went down the previous year in the publishing world. 

So, what makes a character lethal? Well, I put that exact question to our voters (along with a list of names), asking them to account for physical skill sets, as well as intellect and experience. Bottom line, I summed the question up like this: ‘Who would you most be afraid to cross?’”

Thea Paris from Skyjack by K.J. Howe ranked #3 on this list! Follow the link above to see the full article.

Jessica Spivey