Author of LITTLE VOICES Vanessa Lillie discusses "The New Mom Question" on Women Writers, Women's Books


“My mother said to expect a burst of energy before going into labor. With me, she’d been throwing a baby shower for a friend. With my brother, she was picking pecans when her water broke. The burst of energy before I went into labor with my son is not something I remember (it’s been four years!). But, I have Gmail, so there’s a record of how I spent this surge. I sent 10 query emails (after over 100 rejections) to agents for my soon-to-be-shoved-under-the-bed book.

There are things I remember like getting an agent’s pass in the hospital about ten hours after my son was born. I also remember, after pushing him for three hours without an epidural, holding this wiggly newborn on my chest, and in my exhausted euphoria thinking, This is what it’ll feel like to get a book deal.

Debut author of Little Voices Vanessa Lillie meditates on a key question for writing mothers: “How long before I can write again?” Follow the link above to read Vanessa Lillie’s guest post on Women Writers, Women’s Books!

Jessica Spivey