Sara Blaedel - CrimeReads "Why Small Towns Are So Perfect For Crime Fiction"

CrimeReads | January 2, 2019

“Though I’ve made my home in big cities for most of my adult life, I spent much of my childhood in a small town. The contrasts between the two have dramatically intensified for me over the last decades. The differences can be vast and pervasive, and while it is true that people are people and that we have more in common than not, regardless of where and how we live, there is a sensibility and sets of customs in these insular communities that set them apart.  

Whether set in the countryside of Denmark, in rural USA, or the backroads of Japan, small towns would seem, on the surface anyway, to possess less mystery. Everyone knows everyone else, families often go back for generations within the same town, and their histories, triumphs, scandals, and both clean and dirty laundry are open books. Unlike in metropolitan centers, where it is easy and even commonplace to get lost amongst the masses, with the huge populations and people coming and going with frequency, in small towns it is more challenging to hide. Or is it?”

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Jessica Spivey