R.L. Maizes - The New York Times "Wedding Venues That Are Cheap for a Reason"

The New York Times | January 11, 2019

“Hooray! You got engaged over the holidays! But now the reality of what your wedding will cost is beginning to sink in. You’ll have to take out a second mortgage for fondant, but hey, the cement-like coating is très French. At the bridal store, you’ll max out your credit card for a gossamer veil that looks remarkably like the doily on your grandmother’s end table. When your planner mentions favors, run, or you could end up pawning your new ring to buy each of your guests a personalized platinum bottle opener.

Not everyone breaks the bank for a wedding, though. Frugal couples go to great lengths to cut costs, marrying in tree houses or in caves. But if neither of those venues appeal to you, consider these alternatives. Word of warning: They’re cheap for a reason.”

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Jessica Spivey