THE UNDERTAKER'S DAUGHTER - New York Times Book Review

New York Times | Feb. 2, 2018

Ilka Jensen is nothing if not resourceful. In the first novel in Sara Blaedel’s new series, The Undertaker’s Daughter (Grand Central, $26), Jensen leaves her home in Copenhagen and flies to Racine, Wis., after her estranged father leaves her an undertaking business in his will. On her first day, Jensen must add pet dogs to the plans for a funeral service, pick up a severely mangled body at the morgue (“Bring along some extra plastic. It sounds like it might be a mess”) and come up with $60,000 to keep the I.R.S. from freezing her assets. To make this new life complete, the police inform her that one of the bodies in her freezer is probably a murderer. Most amateur sleuths hold down professional jobs to support their unofficial detective work. Blaedel has come up with an especially challenging occupation for Jensen, but this 6-foot-tall Viking goddess is strong enough to carry it all by herself.

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Jessica Spivey