R.L. Maizes - Electric Lit "10 Perfect Writer Gifts We Just Made Up"

Electric Lit | November 30, 2018

“Step away from the astronaut pen. Put down the blank book. And for God’s sake don’t order another clever mug. Writers have it hard enough in this climate of low advances and little-to-no marketing budgets without getting the same tired gifts every year. This holiday season, try one of our completely fictional and guaranteed-to-please-the-literary-types-in-your-life presents, instead. Available in every price range. Money back if not completely satisfied (unless we already spent the money on vape cartridges and homebrew kombucha kits, in which case, you’re SOL).”

The talented and amazingly funny R.L. Maizes has written an article about the gifts that you can give to the writer in your life. Follow the link above for the full article!

Jessica Spivey