THE MIDNIGHT WITNESS by Sara Blaedel - New York Times "Disappearing Acts: Four Mysteries With Missed Connections"

New York Times | October 19, 2018

“A healthy mind is all very nice, but a job is a job. After an emotional breakdown that put her out of commission for a year, Sara Blaedel’s intrepid Danish police detective, Louise Rick, is back on the job in Mark Kline’s translation of THE MIDNIGHT WITNESS (Grand Central, paper, $9.99), investigating the homicide of a young woman found strangled in a quiet Copenhagen park. Coincidentally (or not), a crime reporter with a major newspaper is found stabbed to death behind the Royal Hotel, and since a journalist outranks a 23-year-old nurse, Rick is reassigned to the high-profile case. Although Rick refuses to give up on the nurse, the easy answer — that she was murdered by her boyfriend — doesn’t pan out. So the detective finds herself juggling both cases, plus the demands of her own longtime boyfriend, who has been offered a job in Scotland and wants her to come along. ‘It’s about you and me,’ he insists. ‘This is about making sacrifices for each other.’ He presents a good argument, but given that Rick may be in line to become the first female head of the homicide division, that decision seems like a no-brainer.”

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Jessica Spivey