SUSAN KIM has written for more than three dozen children’s TV series, including Reading Rainbow and Are You Afraid of the Dark? and received four Emmy nominations. Ms. Kim teaches in the MFA program at Goddard College. She lives and works in New York City.




A Wasteland Novel

HarperTeen – March 24, 2015

The Emmy Award-nominated and Edgar Award-winning duo of Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan deliver a heart-pounding finale to the postapocalyptic teen world of the Wasteland, filled with dramatic twists and turns. Bestselling author of Criminal, Karin Slaughter, called Wasteland “a Lord of the Flies for future generations. An irresistible page-turner.”

No one dares to leave the District—the towering structure of glass and steel that is their protection against the unruly bands of Outsiders that roam Mundreel and the deadly rain that carries the disease that kills all over the age of nineteen.

This skyscraper stands amid the urban devastation, the city rumored to have once been called “Montreal.” Esther and her allies have created a haven on the rooftop, a garden that flourishes, and a home for her new baby, hidden from all but the very few who know her secret. But as Gideon’s power grows and factions form, the ultimate darkness is born from greed, and Esther must find a way to save the citizens from themselves.


Praise for GUARDIANS

“A forbidding tower of glass and steel called the District; nefarious bands of roving Outsiders; a poisonous rain that kills anyone over the age of 19. In this dark dystopia, Esther and her friends struggle to survive in their rooftop garden, caring for and protecting her new baby. This installment wraps up the trilogy for devoted fans.”—School Library Journal



A Wasteland Novel

HarperTeen – March 25, 2014

Emmy Award nominee Susan Kim and Edgar Award–winning Laurence Klavan bring readers back to the Wasteland in this thrilling, action-packed sequel. Karin Slaughter, bestselling author of Criminal, called Wasteland “a Lord of the Flies for future generations. An irresistible page-turner.”

The former citizens of Prin are running out of time. Esther and Caleb must begin a harrowing journey in the hopes of finding find food and shelter—not to mention a way to make it past age nineteen. On the way, Esther must rally to take charge with the help of a blind guide, Aras. He appears unbelievably cruel, but not everything is as it seems in the Wasteland. . . .

In this sequel to Wasteland, the stakes are even higher for Esther, Caleb, and the rest of their clan. They’re pinning all their hopes on the road . . . but what if it’s the most dangerous place of all?





HarperTeen – March 26, 2013


Welcome to the wasteland

At fifteen,
the citizens of Prin marry.

At seventeen,
they reproduce.

And at nineteen,
they die.

Esther thinks there’s more to life than toiling at the assignments—Harvesting, Gleaning, Excavating—day after day under the relentless sun, just hoping to make it to the next day.

She doesn’t care that her best friend, a variant, is considered “the enemy.” She doesn’t care that Levi, who controls the Source, is the real enemy and might send his Taser boys after her if she makes one wrong move.

Then Caleb shows up. Could there be another way to fight for survival?

Praise for WASTELAND

“A Lord of the Flies for future generations. An irresistible page-turner.“—Karin Slaughter, New York Times bestselling author of Criminal

“Kim and Klavan’s world building enticingly trickles through the brutal, fast-paced, multilayered plot, which is fueled by a sweet romance…Wasteland raises plenty of captivating questions and doesn’t shortchange readers on satisfying answers.“—Booklist




First Second – August 3, 2010

Neither artistic, dreamy Jenna nor surly, delinquent Lucas expected to find themselves at an invitation-only summer camp that turns problem children into prodigies. And yet, here they both are at Camp Fielding, settling in with all the other losers and misfits who’ve been shipped off by their parents in a last-ditch effort to produce a child worth bragging about.

But strange disappearances, spooky lights in the woods, and a chilling alteration that turns the dimmest, rowdiest campers into docile zombie Einsteins have Jenna and Lucas feeling more than a little suspicious . . . and a lot afraid.

Praise for BRAIN CAMP

YALSA 2011 Top Ten Great Graphic Novel for Teens

From its shock opening right out of a horror movie, this graphic novel sets the scene for an old-fashioned scare story. Kim and Klavan, who balanced adventure and kid’s social issues so well in City of Spies (2010), do the same in another well-rounded adventure here, as the far-out (and kind of gross) climax mixes with genuine insight into dealing with parents, fitting into a new crowd, and handling the pressures of performance. Hicks’ line work is cool enough to assuage older readers who might be suspicious of the summer-camp setting.“—Booklist

“Kim and Klavan offer a sly social commentary with a fizzy dash of stomach-lurching horror. Hicks’s chunky art goes to town with the revolting possibilities. Smart, disgusting fun.“—Kirkus




First Second – April 27, 2010

By Susan Kim, Laurence Klavan, and Pascal Dizin

Mystery, intrigue, and pastries abound in this World War II spy tale.

Evelyn typically satisfies her longing for adventure with the help of a pencil and a sheet of paper. But when she makes a new friend, Tony, she’s happy to abandon her art for a real-life search for spies. When the two accidentally uncover a genuine mystery, it looks like Evelyn might end up in the kind of adventure she writes in her comics!

Susan Kim, Laurence Klavan, and Pascal Dizin present a period piece that creates an inviting world you won’t want to resist.


Praise for CITY OF SPIES

“Kim and Klavan put a sophisticated spin on classic boys’ adventure story elements and handle issues of friendship, economic class, and abandonment. And with villains and danger that just border on the genuinely scary, the tale is filled not only with a thrilling sense of excitement but also with a child’s longing for a grown-up to believe in.“—Booklist, Starred Review

“[City of Spies], told with seat-of-the-pants, graphic-novel immediacy, is an artful melding of jewel-box illustration with noir atmosphere—Tintin directed by Hitchcock. The snappy, uncluttered tale has arousing visual flow and plot depth on a variety of fronts.“—Kirkus Reviews

“[City of Spies] is truly a beautiful, moving book. For both Young Adults and Old ones. Five out of five time-traveling zeppelin savers.“—Comic Book Resources

“A strong book…Engaging…the tale has an authentic feel which brings the historical setting to life.“—School Library Journal



The Cultural Story of Menstruation

St. Martin’s Griffin – November 10, 2009

By Elissa Stein and Susan Kim

With the humor and insight of Dr. Oz and the irreverence of Eve Ensler, this beautifully designed book will get readers talking about a topic that every woman has strong, intensely personal feelings about—but that few women ever discuss openly.

Although half of the world’s population experiences it, menstruation has always been the ultimate taboo subject. In this hip, funny and irreverent book, menstruation is explored historically and socially. It answers the questions: what is the point of getting one’s period? What causes cramps and bloating? What did women do before pads and tampons were invented? What about sex during your period—is it healthy or just plain gross? What about chemically shortening or stopping one’s period with the pill—is that such a good idea?

Flow covers menstruation’s fascinating—and downright scary—history: ancient Romans thought menstrual blood had the power to kill flowers, cause fruit to fall from the trees, dull razors and drive dogs mad. It was later believed that menstruation balanced the blood, and the deadly medical treatment of bloodletting was created to mimic it. And as recently as 1940, women were encouraged to douche with diluted bleach between periods to keep themselves fresh and dainty. A full-color, beautifully designed book, Flow not only offers a trove of fascinating information, but a pictorial history of this complex, secret and uniquely female process.


Check out these great Flow videos!


Praise for FLOW

“With wit, sarcasm, and common sense . . . the authors use a pop culture lens to posit a modern, feminist, female perspective on menstruation.“—Library Journal

“Its contents, I found, are plainspoken—perhaps it will start chipping away at the taboo. . . .the style is important and groundbreaking.“—The New Yorker

“In many ways, Flow is a breakthrough.“—The Daily Beast

“Give this book to close friends or (female) relatives with a good sense of humor—or an appreciation of irony.“—The Los Angeles Times

“A witty look at the history of ‘the nuisance’…Beyond pointing the finger at those who make us feel unhygienic at times, Flow serves as an educational tool for women of all ages.“—Body & Soul

“A highly entertaining mix of science, history, and pop culture. Flow is filled with smart sidebars and full-color reproductions of ‘feminine product’ advertisements that educate and entertain. You’ll find yourself saying, ‘I didn’t know that!’“—The Academic Files, weblog for the academic marketing department of HarperCollins Publishers

“At long last, along have come these two women to give us as plainspeaking, comprehensive, and witty a compendium of menarcheal information and reference as we’ve ever had. There is probably no better book for moms who want their daughters to respect themselves in every aspect.“—Booklist, Starred Review

“Sassy…Enlightening…Perfect for a preteen’s introduction to adulthood and for women of all ages, this is guaranteed to spark conversation…“—Publishers Weekly

Flow is a riot…a beautiful book (coffee table worthy!) and quite educational, while keeping you laughing.“—Viva la Feminista

Flow isn’t just a book; it’s a movement.“—January Magazine

“Best book I read all year. . . “—BlogHer

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