ERNESSA T. CARTER is either a well-regarded women’s fiction novelist or a popular romance author, depending on which name she’s using that day. Less than two weeks after earning an MFA in Dramatic Writing from Carnegie Mellon University, she moved to Los Angeles, where she wrote a couple of well-received plays, before eventually becoming the Executive Writer for the radio show, American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest. After cutting her teeth on celebrity-based radio journalism, she wrote two women’s fiction novels, 32 Candles (which has been optioned by Skydance), and The Awesome Girls Guide to Dating Extraordinary Men, which helped to successfully launch Amazon Publishing’s Lake Union label. She also co-wrote the Washington Post non-fiction bestseller, Better than Good Hair, as Ernessa T. Carter. In 2012, she decided to add a romance pen name to her writing credits, and has now authored 23 bestselling “hot books with heart” as Theodora Taylor. More popular than ever, Theodora Taylor sold over 150,000 books in 2016, and earned three KDP All-Star sales bonuses.

In her spare time she enjoys learning German and binge-watching Shonda Rhimes shows. She is honored and grateful to enjoy a wonderful writing life full of good stories and fan letters she doesn’t have to put on make-up to receive. Her heart is wide open, and she is always, always looking forward to her next writing adventure.

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Amazon Publishing – September 24, 2013

Four women. Two years. A friendship to last a lifetime.

The only things that Sharita, Thursday, Risa, and Tammy have in common are their disastrous love lives. But the year three of them turn 30 will be different, they swear!

Sharita, a plump and conservative accountant wants to make partner at her firm and find the man of her dreams. Thursday, the daughter of a formerly chart-topping political rapper, wants to stop being a serial one-month stander, and settle down into a stable life with a stable boyfriend. Risa, a skinny and audacious electronica punk rocker, wants to finally land an album deal, which she feels is the only way to win back the heart of her on-again of off-again closeted girlfriend. And after getting fired as the spokesmodel for her family’s hair company, sweet and gorgeous Tammy wants to prove that she has what it takes to make it on her own.

None of these women get what they want, but over the course of two years, they get exactly what they need. And that proves to be the best thing after all.


Jessica SpiveyC